Vogue Festival Insta Pics

If you are not following me on my Instagram account,worry not you are not going to miss on these Vogue Festival snippets which ran over the weekend at the South Bank Centre. Enjoy these sneak previews of my upcoming blog posts!

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Capturing the Sartorialist in action…

I know I have been AWOL for a while, and I will thank LDNBloggers for that! It is always a joy and struggle when you start something new!

Like this blog,Trendbridged!

WordPress.com just sent me my 2nd birthday card, and it made me squeal like a teenage girl (not very different from my usual squeal!) I remember when I started TB, I was always out and about capturing images, cribbing how big the camera was and that I will never carry it again, and the day when it wasnt with me, I was cribbing why the camera is not with me!

My regular readers must know ,that it was Scott Schuman’s website The Sartorialist is what inspired me to start Trendbridged.com, and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him last year at Fashion Week.

In the 5 minute conversation (First 2 went in me finding my voice to say Hello!!) he said things which made me want to do more with Trendbridged.com. He shared tips to click better images, what he looks out for in a shot, what lens he uses, that Garance was joining him after her Lunch before they head into a show, and how to KEEP ON clicking pictures to get better pictures!

That was the day I wanted to do so much more with TB!

Well this LFW I saw Scott walk past us (I was chatting with Yvan Rodic and The Sophie Lear of  Face Hunter and The littlest things) and I could not resist clicking him in action, only curious to see what the final image would look like. So here it is guys!

Image source : Thesartorialist.com

And this is my picture of him clicking the above picture.

Work in Progress

Who inspires you to be better at what yo do? I would love to know!

I promise to post more..

Keep a look out,

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London Street Style: Silver Sleeves

We have been so many contrast sleeves in all shapes and forms,it started with Celine over 2 seasons ago and now I have witnessed version if Denim Sleeves,leather sleeves,printed Camo sleeves but I must say this baseball jacket with the silver leather sleeves does stand out quite a bit.

Great layering there,what do you think?
I like the black leather cascade jacket under the baseball jacket and the denim shirt with the blue care neck jumper all coming together as one complete look.

Silver Sleeves Leather Trendbridged.com

Silver Sleeves Leather Trendbridged.com

Silver Leather Sleeves Baseball Jacket Trendbridged.com

Silver Leather Sleeves Baseball Jacket Trendbridged.com

What do you think if the contrast sleeve look?

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Monday Muse: Julia Sarr-Jamois

"Julia Sarr-Jamois"

You could spot Julia Sarr-Jamois in a crowd from a distance. The perfect Afro gives it away!That is a trademark, ofcourse the Denim jackets, the sneakers, alternating between the 5inch Stilettos and the prints and colours thrown together to make the perfect look, helps in spotting the 23 year old Model-turn-Stylist-turn-Editor for Wonderland Magazine at practically every Fashion event.

Half Sengalese-half French,Julia started her career pretty soon,dropping out of college and pursuing an internship at I.D.Magazine, and soon securing a the Editor Title at Wonderland (which I think she has been at since 2010).

She can work a casual sportswear with wide legged trouser,looking effortless chic with that hair and statement accessories!(Almost always with huge sunglasses!)

Some of her looks:

"Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois"Julia Sarr-Jamois"Julia Sarr-Jamois"

Image Sources: Here,Here,Here,Here,Here, Here and Here


London Street Style: Orange Cozy Knit


With the Winter officially setting and rumours of a mild snowfall too, I was more than tempted to snuggle in my duvet and not venture out at all today!

The temperature is hitting the lower end single digits (Read as 0 degrees) which gives us a chance to get our fur coats,scarves,gloves and everything else possibly spelling out “WARMTH” out! Thus explains me going through My London Street Style photos folder to pull out some “Comfort” images!

Considering Halloween is around the corner,and Tangerine has been the colour of the year,all the pumpkins and warm colours made me choose this picture from the London Fashion Week,when I was out and about clicking Street Style images.

This man actually reminds me of one of my very good friend back in India, Mohit Rai, who is a freelance stylist, and I can so imagine him strutting this off with absolute swan like grace!I would love to shoot a few images of him in a cozy knit!


Orange is one of the best colours to invest in this Fall Winter, for outerwear, Please see my trending board here for more inspiration.

Orange Pinterest


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