Capturing the Sartorialist in action…

I know I have been AWOL for a while, and I will thank LDNBloggers for that! It is always a joy and struggle when you start something new!

Like this blog,Trendbridged! just sent me my 2nd birthday card, and it made me squeal like a teenage girl (not very different from my usual squeal!) I remember when I started TB, I was always out and about capturing images, cribbing how big the camera was and that I will never carry it again, and the day when it wasnt with me, I was cribbing why the camera is not with me!

My regular readers must know ,that it was Scott Schuman’s website The Sartorialist is what inspired me to start, and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him last year at Fashion Week.

In the 5 minute conversation (First 2 went in me finding my voice to say Hello!!) he said things which made me want to do more with He shared tips to click better images, what he looks out for in a shot, what lens he uses, that Garance was joining him after her Lunch before they head into a show, and how to KEEP ON clicking pictures to get better pictures!

That was the day I wanted to do so much more with TB!

Well this LFW I saw Scott walk past us (I was chatting with Yvan Rodic and The Sophie Lear of  Face Hunter and The littlest things) and I could not resist clicking him in action, only curious to see what the final image would look like. So here it is guys!

Image source :

And this is my picture of him clicking the above picture.

Work in Progress

Who inspires you to be better at what yo do? I would love to know!

I promise to post more..

Keep a look out,

Di xx


See You Next Season: Garance Doré

Garance Doré is by far one of my most favorite, instant smile booster,quick chatter, feel good blogger!

I am absolutely in Love with her “Pardon My French” series in partnership with which is her conversations with people in the fashion industry like Guillaume Henry of CarvenCarol and Humberto of Kenzo,Tabitha Simmons apart from casual chats with stylists and editors.

The finale of the “Pardon My French” series is a visual diary/montage of Paris Fashion Week and an insight into the world through Garance’s eyes (or lens)! It cracked me up and made me love her even more.

Covering bits and bobs of her borrowing clothes from her sartorial partner Scott (Schuman), to running for the short Louis Vuitton Show to dancing in the rain and traces of the after party, this last episode is a great way to wrap up the season.

P.s: My Monday Muse makes a quick appearance in this video, any guesses?? To be continued…

Till that time enjoy the video..


Di xx