Christmas Stocking Fillers: Mark’s Tokyo Edge/Mark’s Europe


I came across Mark’s Europe for the first time in Scoop International London, and I can not tell you how many times it has saved my life for a last-minute presents!

Few of my friends in India have it too,which gives me so much joy. I got them for my photographer friend Simran of, Japna of What’s Cooking Good Looking Blog,Yogesh of Surendri fame and my favourite Mohits (Both of them!) and it went down a treat, I can assure you that!

Now That Christmas is around the corner (Exactly a week away),I have been going back to these as stocking fillers, with the neon grid masking tapes and Silicon Diaries which are available even at Urban Outfitters (Oxford Circus) now.

I love the “” A5 diaries/pocket planners coz they have a little clear pouch to store cards,a pencil, and even your phone.I find it easier to carry that when i go for conferences and seminars,and it is always a conversation starter!

Pick up your goodies from these 2 Online Stores: The Bureau Direct and The Paperie, however the Bureau direct has a better merchandise and great delivery time!


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Dinky Talks with Big People: Rachel Antonio

Long long due!

For all those who don’t know,I just changed my jobs, and back in London town I haven’t had the time to sit down on my beloved to write for a long time!

I visited SCOOP International London last month, which I would declare one of the best contemporary buying shows London has seen as yet.It was a buyers haven,knowing all they want for the season is stocked neatly in an aesthetically pleasing series,dotted by a few art structure here and there(considering it was held at the lovely Satchi Gallery it is bound to have that effect!)

There were quite a few designers who caught my eye, from luxurious knitwear brand Ross X Bute (A favourite amongst Kate Middleton’s places to shop…shhh our little secret) to contemporary jewellery designer Fiona Paxton (Who,combines a traditional Indian Bead work from Jhabua,Madhya Pradesh,with semi precious stones) everyone had the best of shows put up!

One designer who caught my eye and absolutely translated her tranquility into her collection was Rachel Antonio,with her eponymous label started in 2010. An Edinburgh College of Art graduate,this designer has had an experiences across Architecture at Hakes Associates in London(an architecture turned shoe-design firm) and fashion . No wonder the collection oozed that kinda of a modern urban architectural landscape mood with detailing to smart origami-esque pleating and folding. I spoke to quite a few people who went to SCOOP that weekend, and at some point of time in their conversation they spoke to this talented architect turned fashion designer,so you all know where my bets are this season!

Have  look at her latest collection!

Di xx

Images: Rachel Antonio and