Vogue Festival Insta Pics

If you are not following me on my Instagram account,worry not you are not going to miss on these Vogue Festival snippets which ran over the weekend at the South Bank Centre. Enjoy these sneak previews of my upcoming blog posts!

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The Amazing 5inchandup Sandra Hagelstam

Meeting Sandra Hagelstam of 5inchandup.com recently was like bumping into a college friend. I had heard her speak at a few events before and I always thought she was really approachable, and that she was! Smiling away with her camera and her stunning Celine shoes(don’t know how you do it girl!), Sandra is the girl next door both on and off her blog(Albeit a very stylish Girl next door)!

If you ever spot her on the streets for her street style blog “The Neighbourhood watch” or outside Fashion Weeks, you must observe her while she is taking pictures. She dives likes a swan to get her self in a position to get her shot.Her footworks, (including the shoes) are a sight!

Here are some of my pictures of her taken recently.

Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Nails 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Celine Shoes 5inchandup sandra hagelstam

I just made a quick video of the above images to try my hand at Vlogging!


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Dent De Man Trousers are Hot stuff!

Dent De Man London Street Style

I met my friend Chris Chasseaud last night for a catch up from our crazy blog-hobnobbing schedules and we started talking about this new label who he is the Brand Manager for, Dent De Man. I absolutely loved the new photo shoot…watch the space for more..and I realised I have been awfully slack in posting this image!

The first 2 images are what I clicked at London Collections of Toni Tran of Fashitects.blogspot.co.uk who is an Ambassador of Dent De Man and it looks as if he and Dent De Man and Toni are a match made in Fashion Heaven.The rest of the image are from their campaign.

It’s an upcoming label and has already created a buzz around with its eclectic African Inspired prints individually sourced, each telling its story.

It is a great change from the existing sartorial scene and gives a new twist to the Modern Gentleman’s wardrobe.Of course, you need to be open to work with prints in your wardrobe..New Year Resolution Number 31 perhaps?

Have a look and go “like” them on Facebook to know when they start selling online soon!

London Street Style Trendbridged.com Dent De Man London Street Style

Trousers: Dent De Man, ShoesZara, Shades: Fashitects Blog, JumperTrine Lindegaard Blazer: Topman, Brooch: Vintage

Dent De Man Trendbridged.com Dent De Man Trendbridged.com Dent De Man Trendbridged.com Dent De Man Trendbridged.com


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London Street Style Oscar de la Renta Biker Ikat Jacket

Oscar De La Renta Ikat Jacket J Brand Jeans

Millie Brown was my last click of the day, the light was almost gone, my fingers were ice-cold and I had lost all sensations to them.

I had packed my camera and was walking away when I saw Millie listening to her iPod sitting on the bench. An artist herself (you can see her work here),Millie spends most of her time between UK and USA. Dream job!

I love how she has combined a vintage sweater, J Brand Jeans with beautiful warm colored Oscar de la Renta Jacket with Black Wedge boots. I always like the equation of One statement piece at a time and it works here. You can’t really see here, but her accessories are Dominic Jones which is a must see, so be sure to click on that link.

This Ikat print Oscar de la Renta jacket is from the Spring 2005 collection, but the Biker jacket has made such a strong revival that you may be able to get your hand on various textures and print, like this Clover Canyon printed jacket crepe de chine jacket.

Oscar De La Renta Ikat Jacket J Brand Jeans Oscar De La Renta Ikat Jacket J Brand Jeans Oscar De La Renta Ikat Jacket J Brand Jeans


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London Mens Collection:Chris Chasseaud

CHRIS CHASSEAUD Trendbridged.com

It was great bumping into fellow blogger Chris,at London Collections. I met Chris late last year at a few events and then again at our last London Bloggers Meetup at Bumpkin Notting Hill.

He is a contributor for a few websites (apart from his own blog) such as Ape to Gentlemen and Be Well dressed.

CHRIS CHASSEAUD Trendbridged.com

It was a quite a contrasting mix at LCM this year, there was the quintessential Sartorial Dandy look, and on the other side you had a HUGE urban-street Cool  Shoreditch look which was seen across the 3 days.For me that is London, the contrast between the East London Urban and West London Sauve coming together to make London Fashion Scene so distinct.