Ladies in London

I am being cheeky and posting quick images without much text and hoping I can get away with it.

London Street style images of some amazing ladies in London!

London Street Style London Street Style London Street StyleLondon Street Style


Trip to East London

East london

I had a few friends come in from India,and they wanted to feel the culture(or sub culture) existing in London,so we made a quick dash to East London,crossed through Spitalfields Market,stopped by at the Lomography store,went to The Tent (London Design Festival) and finally hit brick lane!

It’s surprising you can see so much in such a little time in London while still see nothing!!

I find street style in East London inspiring since it always is idiosyncratic to that area. In fact,I was in India last month, and someone mentioned (referring to another designer) she has a very “East London” style, which just throws you off a little considering a small area of London has a distinct identity in another continent!

This is right outside the American Apparel store at the Old Truman Brewery, where this multi talented Singer/Dancer Lauran Amexandria was waiting for the door to the very famous American Apparel Factory Outlet Doors to open!

East london

East london

East london

East London
Street Art in Brick Lane
East london
I Love the Long line T-shirt Tunic worn with a Jumper
East London
Japanese Denim is known for its quality,silhouettes and outstanding trims!
East london
Street Art

Love how London has the room and openness for  the contrasting world of Trend Led vs Anti trends fashion are so cohesively integrated.Guess thats where the beauty lies.

Diana xx

Cobalt Blue Feather Skirt


We all know the must have colours for the season are Cobalt Blue,Oxblood Red and a carryover from last season(and the season before..) NEON!

It’s a combination which can work great if done right,and this is a specimen,Ladies and Gentlemen how to wear the trend!

The ostrich feather adds texture and depth to the eye catchy blue while the sequin tones down the neon.(I saw a skirt at Zara which looks the same,and the new colour way is now Ombré dyed

The 2 contrasting texture could go awfully wrong,but the opposites actually work together,as the feather soften the sequins.

I know I have seen the shoes before..but I just can’t place it! Any suggestions?



Are you planning to wear the trend this season? Leave words of wisdom behind..or just click the “like” button in acknowledgment:)

Love, Di xx




Chained at the Collar

"London Fashion Week SS13"

It has been an amazing week so far!

All those of you who are tech savvy,image diggers, social tweeters and are merely interested in the vast vast world of Social Media, then the Social Media Week is the place to be. With great speakers and people, the vibe is buzzing with creative minds all speaking the same language! I just happened to come back from a “Content Creation” event on the HMS President (yes that amazing boat on the River Thames) organised by this Digital Marketing agency called The Quad (who’s office is actually is the very same boat!!)

Been very inclined towards Social Media, and PR, I decided to be inspired and feature an image I clicked at London Fashion Week of fellow blogger Emma Creen, who has a blog called Mademoiselle Creen. Emma works for this uber cool company called PRShots which should be on every bloggers bookmark! I use it quite often while researching and writing articles for other websites. Please go and check it out, ‘coz you WILL find it handy!

I loved Emma’s collar with the studs and special attention to the Centre Button, with the little skull head. It is all in the details,my friends.. teamed with a very dainty paisley-floral print, the collar stands out even more.

There are quite a few collars you can get your hands on,I have one from but I am currently coveting this 3.1 Phillip Lim Metallic Leather Collar which is versatile and so very Chic!

Please share your ‘Top Notch’ Style stories!


Di xx

"London Fashion Week SS13"

Get the Look: WHITE ON WHITE

It was all White Wash Wednesday today on on Facebook and Pinterest.

Inspired by all the white bright, this post was long due .Spotted these 2 girls in Kensington a few weeks ago, and after the new boards, it just all seemed to fit in!

Just for all the curious shoppers, see following how to get Look # 1: White on White

The idea is to keep the accessories minimal yet strong. I am specially loving the Andrea Garland Necklace with a Suitcase full of Lip-balm, How nifty!You can buy by clicking here.


Watch this space for :Get the Look # 2. Leather Sleeve Jacket!

Stay Stylish,

Di xx

Green and Black,London

I have started carrying my camera everywhere I go these days, it’s tough but I try to do it.

Most days I come back without using it and I think I am actually just wasting my energy lugging it around, and some days I strike gold!

This was at the last leg of my journey after a whole day of Trend research, and as I was stepping out of the tube,I saw these girls, and again like last time, they caught my eye since they were in pairs.

What I love about being a street photographer is the spontaneity, like in the second image, these boys just decided to pose with the girls and voila you get a brilliant FUN picture! I love makes me smile every-time I go back on pictures like these.

The bright skirt and the Origami dress is something to vow for. Unfortunately I have lost the paper I wrote the brand name for, so if you see this post and know where the dress is from please share with fellow Trend Bridgers.

Green Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Tate Modern, Green an Black
Curators by profession, I did not want the girls to get late to their Soiree in Tate Modern.
Green Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Tate Modern, Green an Black, London Fashion
Love the fun in this pic, Thanks boys!
Green Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Tate Modern, Green an Black, London Fashion, Green belt, Origami detailing
Special emphasis on the gorgeous neckline! Origami pleating on Sateen Dress. The Angular colour pop belt highlights the details on the dress further.
Green Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Tate Modern, Green an Black, London Fashion, Straw Bag
Love the Straw Bag.

Inspired by this post I have added some pins to my pinterest boards. Click here to be inspired:Trending Pinterest Board.

Love Di xx