Christmas Stocking Fillers: Mark’s Tokyo Edge/Mark’s Europe


I came across Mark’s Europe for the first time in Scoop International London, and I can not tell you how many times it has saved my life for a last-minute presents!

Few of my friends in India have it too,which gives me so much joy. I got them for my photographer friend Simran of, Japna of What’s Cooking Good Looking Blog,Yogesh of Surendri fame and my favourite Mohits (Both of them!) and it went down a treat, I can assure you that!

Now That Christmas is around the corner (Exactly a week away),I have been going back to these as stocking fillers, with the neon grid masking tapes and Silicon Diaries which are available even at Urban Outfitters (Oxford Circus) now.

I love the “” A5 diaries/pocket planners coz they have a little clear pouch to store cards,a pencil, and even your phone.I find it easier to carry that when i go for conferences and seminars,and it is always a conversation starter!

Pick up your goodies from these 2 Online Stores: The Bureau Direct and The Paperie, however the Bureau direct has a better merchandise and great delivery time!


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