Monday Muse: Peony Lim,Blogger


I have been following Peony Lim’s blog since I started blogging last year.

As an avid Blog-yeur (A person who loves to see other people blog), I spent the first few months of my blogging lifetime just observing what other bloggers were doing, and Peony, Caroline from Caroline’s World, Hedvig of The Northern Light were always inspirational with their unique styles.

Now if you follow my blog,you would know that I rather be behind the camera than in front,so I have a lot of respect for these ladies to look great in most of their pictures!

I went to the Grazia Live event in September where Peony was on the panel of Masterclass talking about how to take great Pictures,and she was a joy to listen to!

Starting her blog, by chance this Fashion Promotion student was encouraged by other street style photographers outside Somerset House (where her university was strategically based and was always clicked by other photographers) and thus the birth of peonylim.blogspot.

Always well styled and quite classic, I like how Peony brightens up a basic pair of jeans with accessories, like the Lavender Pom-Poms to her phone and clutch or the Linda Farrow Minnie Mouse Glasses with a classic Black-white outfit! (images below).

Her wardrobe staples usually include a Classic White Shirt, Red Lipstick and Classic Pumps. How versatile, and that is exactly how each of her looks are like. Edited to perfection yet versatile enough to go for high tea or a girls night out!

"Peony_Lim" "Peony_Lim" "Peony_Lim"Peony_Lim"Peony_Lim" Peony_Lim_Trendbridged.com_04 "Peony_Lim"

Well this is probably my last post before Christmas, so a MERRY CHRISTMAS you all!!

Di xx

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Monday Muse: Eleonora Carisi, Blogger for

Eleonora Carisi is one of my favourite bloggers with a distinct style.Blogging since 2009 on, the blog covers all aspects of lifestyle ranging from fashion to beauty.

Owner of a concept store “You Shop” in Turin, Italy, Eleonora stocks and supports emerging and upcoming designers, and is also the blogger for, and a regular shutterbug trigger at fashion weeks.

Not afraid of colour pairing, lines are simple and long, maxis are combined with oversize knits and bold accessories!

You can recognise her in the crowd with her gorgeous beauty spot and dark hair thrown up on one side(To die for)!

See more of her style on my pinterest Monday Muse Board.

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