Vogue Festival Insta Pics

If you are not following me on my Instagram account,worry not you are not going to miss on these Vogue Festival snippets which ran over the weekend at the South Bank Centre. Enjoy these sneak previews of my upcoming blog posts!

Di x







Vogues Festival Street Style London


As some of you may know, the Vogue Festival is on again at the South Bank in London.

More pictures to come in soon, but this a sneak preview of what people were wearing!

Pam Quiñones, a Fashion stylist from Philippines looks great in in the monochrome with a flash of green and killer cheekbones!

Special attention to the Sergio Rossi pumps there!x



The Amazing 5inchandup Sandra Hagelstam

Meeting Sandra Hagelstam of 5inchandup.com recently was like bumping into a college friend. I had heard her speak at a few events before and I always thought she was really approachable, and that she was! Smiling away with her camera and her stunning Celine shoes(don’t know how you do it girl!), Sandra is the girl next door both on and off her blog(Albeit a very stylish Girl next door)!

If you ever spot her on the streets for her street style blog “The Neighbourhood watch” or outside Fashion Weeks, you must observe her while she is taking pictures. She dives likes a swan to get her self in a position to get her shot.Her footworks, (including the shoes) are a sight!

Here are some of my pictures of her taken recently.

Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Nails 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Celine Shoes 5inchandup sandra hagelstam

I just made a quick video of the above images to try my hand at Vlogging!


Di x

Capturing the Sartorialist in action…

I know I have been AWOL for a while, and I will thank LDNBloggers for that! It is always a joy and struggle when you start something new!

Like this blog,Trendbridged!

WordPress.com just sent me my 2nd birthday card, and it made me squeal like a teenage girl (not very different from my usual squeal!) I remember when I started TB, I was always out and about capturing images, cribbing how big the camera was and that I will never carry it again, and the day when it wasnt with me, I was cribbing why the camera is not with me!

My regular readers must know ,that it was Scott Schuman’s website The Sartorialist is what inspired me to start Trendbridged.com, and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him last year at Fashion Week.

In the 5 minute conversation (First 2 went in me finding my voice to say Hello!!) he said things which made me want to do more with Trendbridged.com. He shared tips to click better images, what he looks out for in a shot, what lens he uses, that Garance was joining him after her Lunch before they head into a show, and how to KEEP ON clicking pictures to get better pictures!

That was the day I wanted to do so much more with TB!

Well this LFW I saw Scott walk past us (I was chatting with Yvan Rodic and The Sophie Lear of  Face Hunter and The littlest things) and I could not resist clicking him in action, only curious to see what the final image would look like. So here it is guys!

Image source : Thesartorialist.com

And this is my picture of him clicking the above picture.

Work in Progress

Who inspires you to be better at what yo do? I would love to know!

I promise to post more..

Keep a look out,

Di xx

London Mens Collection:Chris Chasseaud

CHRIS CHASSEAUD Trendbridged.com

It was great bumping into fellow blogger Chris,at London Collections. I met Chris late last year at a few events and then again at our last London Bloggers Meetup at Bumpkin Notting Hill.

He is a contributor for a few websites (apart from his own blog) such as Ape to Gentlemen and Be Well dressed.

CHRIS CHASSEAUD Trendbridged.com

It was a quite a contrasting mix at LCM this year, there was the quintessential Sartorial Dandy look, and on the other side you had a HUGE urban-street Cool  Shoreditch look which was seen across the 3 days.For me that is London, the contrast between the East London Urban and West London Sauve coming together to make London Fashion Scene so distinct.



London Collections Men: Dandyism and Collar Pin

London Collections Men Suit Tie Pin Trendbridged.com

In my career as a Fashion Designer I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with a few Menswear brands, both urban and tailored,and I must admit I do have a bias towards the sartorial look.

I had a quick chat with Dan Kenny from Idol Magazine who was dressed to the T, in a textured wool navy suit and polka dot tie. What I loved was how his orange socks matched the LCM pin. But the cake was taken away by the little golden Collar Pin.

I remember growing up to my Mom (who was a teacher in the same school as my sister and I) getting home with us,only to switch on the tele to get a sneak preview of Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele, and thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the Collar pin. Suave!

More to come in gradual batches:)

Di x

London Collections Men Suit Tie Pin Trendbridged.com London Collections Men Suit Tie Pin Trendbridged.com London Collections Men Suit Tie Pin Trendbridged.com

London Collections Men: Sibling AW2013

London Collections Mens Sibling Jumper Trendbridged.com (1)

As you can see all my last few posts have been quick one liner of the street style images of London Collections, held from 6th-9th January 2013 at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

I came across Sibling for the first time at the London Fashion Week few seasons ago, and loved their distinct chunky knits in vibrant colours with textures which just explodes in front of you and you are trying to figure out in your head..it is so them..yet so different!

I loved what Santi Rodriguez was wearing,the bright red Lion face jumper with a neutral coat.It was cozy,urban and colourful to just cheer all of us waiting outside for a splash of colour, and the splash of colour we got! for a grey day like today this jumper was the perfect conversation starter! We even had a few men on bikes to stop and ask..”Why are you being clicked?” This is exactly why I love London!

Anyway Sibling had their show late today at 7:00 p.m. and with their chunky Snoods and oversized Cabled Gloves, I can safely say they did it again! Worked their Sibling charm!

Love the multi pattern jumper, perfect Christmas Jumper for me!The emphasise on oversized accessories can not be missed, starting from the scarves,the gloves and the nice chunky Beanie!

London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling Jumper Trendbridged.com (1) London Collections Mens Sibling Jumper Trendbridged.com (1) London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013 London Collections Mens Sibling AW 2013

Runway images from Here