The Amazing 5inchandup Sandra Hagelstam

Meeting Sandra Hagelstam of recently was like bumping into a college friend. I had heard her speak at a few events before and I always thought she was really approachable, and that she was! Smiling away with her camera and her stunning Celine shoes(don’t know how you do it girl!), Sandra is the girl next door both on and off her blog(Albeit a very stylish Girl next door)!

If you ever spot her on the streets for her street style blog “The Neighbourhood watch” or outside Fashion Weeks, you must observe her while she is taking pictures. She dives likes a swan to get her self in a position to get her shot.Her footworks, (including the shoes) are a sight!

Here are some of my pictures of her taken recently.

Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Nails 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Celine Shoes 5inchandup sandra hagelstam

I just made a quick video of the above images to try my hand at Vlogging!


Di x


Capturing the Sartorialist in action…

I know I have been AWOL for a while, and I will thank LDNBloggers for that! It is always a joy and struggle when you start something new!

Like this blog,Trendbridged! just sent me my 2nd birthday card, and it made me squeal like a teenage girl (not very different from my usual squeal!) I remember when I started TB, I was always out and about capturing images, cribbing how big the camera was and that I will never carry it again, and the day when it wasnt with me, I was cribbing why the camera is not with me!

My regular readers must know ,that it was Scott Schuman’s website The Sartorialist is what inspired me to start, and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him last year at Fashion Week.

In the 5 minute conversation (First 2 went in me finding my voice to say Hello!!) he said things which made me want to do more with He shared tips to click better images, what he looks out for in a shot, what lens he uses, that Garance was joining him after her Lunch before they head into a show, and how to KEEP ON clicking pictures to get better pictures!

That was the day I wanted to do so much more with TB!

Well this LFW I saw Scott walk past us (I was chatting with Yvan Rodic and The Sophie Lear of  Face Hunter and The littlest things) and I could not resist clicking him in action, only curious to see what the final image would look like. So here it is guys!

Image source :

And this is my picture of him clicking the above picture.

Work in Progress

Who inspires you to be better at what yo do? I would love to know!

I promise to post more..

Keep a look out,

Di xx

Monday Men: Justin O’Shea, Buying Director

"Justin O'Shea"

The first time I spotted Justin O’Shea was in the Sartorialist back in February 2011. I had just moved to London and had started then, and all I was hoping to do was spot Justin O’Shea casually walking around Covent Garden and click some great candid shots of him!!

Of course,since then everyone from Le 21em, to Citizen Couture to Phil Oh have had the pleasure of clicking some great shots of him!

Justin O’Shea was born and raised in a small Aussie Aboriginal town and upon moving to London, found his true calling! Being the worldwide Buying Director for, you can spot him globe-trotting during the Fashion Week season.

He is the perfect Biker-does-Saville-Row style, with his well-tailored (often if not) 3- piece suits, teamed with a printed shirt, showing a snippet of his ink playing a peek a boo! I love how he can team up the the vest and jacket from one set with trousers of another.I am usually never fond of half sleeves shirt on men, (My rule being If Hot,Suck it up or Roll it up),but he does the quarter sleeve just right (Of course being fit has a huge role to play!)

P.s: Special attention to the metal capped burgundy boots (Also featured in the video below).

Anyway, Thus presenting Justin O’Shea:

"Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea""Justin O'Shea"

If this is not enough to woo you, I found this video by BeefEater with the #MyLondon campaign.It shows snippets of London,just the way it is..Beautiful!

Click LIKE if you find his style inspirational!

I found this great post on how to roll up your Dress shirt: Click here

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Monday Muse: Eleonora Carisi, Blogger for

Eleonora Carisi is one of my favourite bloggers with a distinct style.Blogging since 2009 on, the blog covers all aspects of lifestyle ranging from fashion to beauty.

Owner of a concept store “You Shop” in Turin, Italy, Eleonora stocks and supports emerging and upcoming designers, and is also the blogger for, and a regular shutterbug trigger at fashion weeks.

Not afraid of colour pairing, lines are simple and long, maxis are combined with oversize knits and bold accessories!

You can recognise her in the crowd with her gorgeous beauty spot and dark hair thrown up on one side(To die for)!

See more of her style on my pinterest Monday Muse Board.

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Dinky Talks: Shivan & Narresh at Lakme Fashion Week

Swimwear in India is synonymous with this eponymous label Shivan & Narresh.

The duo behind the luxury swimwear brand, has brought not only what was considered a taboo in India, but also changed the mindset of most Indians towards the 2 piece swimwear.

Rumor has it that they have Lady Luck and Mr.Destiny on their speed dial, of course Talent and Modern Aesthetics are their bum chums, together this little jing-bang have created an uproar in the Fashion Industry in India.

They have spearheaded with what they thought India was ready for(much against what most people thought was impossible), and launched their luxury Swimwear brand  in 2010, initially in Italy (where they ‘mastered’ their talent), followed by their studio and store in Delhi,India, and finally celebrating their store launch in Tinsel Town, Mumbai, this year.

What I found fascinating were the copyrights for the Bikini Sari© and Kaftan Sari©, I just wonder why no one thought of it before!

The official swimwear partners for Pantaloons Femina Miss India, and being stocked across TAJ and LEELA Kempinski resorts, these guys have pretty much embedded their stars on the Fashion Walk of Fame in India,and caused quite a stir internationally too.

I have had the pleasure of knowing the boys since my school days in NIFT, and saying that we go a long way back is an understatement, however they launched the label when I was living overseas, so you could just imagine my excitement (and pride)sitting in the front row of my friends turned-designer sensation.

The latest Resort ’12/13 EQUUS collection’s show was a what I would call an initiator of a Twitter Trend Topic, and so it was,starting with the Green laser beaming across the audience and the models.The collection inspired by folk equestrian tales, represented by mixing fabrics of various sheen and opulence, and braiding and tassels of the royal horse’s decoration, the collection oozed seductive glory. Hand louvered jersey gave away the duo’s attention to detail and perfection.

You can get in touch with Shivan & Narresh on their website and their facebook page here.

Love, Di xx

Shivan & Narresh’s Cruise Resort ’12/13 EQUUS
Image: Shivan & Narresh

Shivan Narresh Lakme Fashion Week 3

Shivan Narresh Lakme Fashion Week 9

Shivan Narresh Lakme Fashion Week

Shivan Narresh Lakme Fashion Week 2

Dinky Talks: Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary: Miss Pac-in District

This is my first post from Mumbai, the city of Dreams in India. I am here to attend Lakme Fashion Week, and talk to more people about

However on the 2nd days of Lakme Fashion Week, the only thing people were talking about was the ever so popular 80’s Retro Graphic arcade game PAC MAN.

Yogesh Chaudhary’s latest collection is all about Miss Pac, with its pac-isized flowers, 2 tone graphical printed sari(The Indian Drape which Women around the world crave), the knit crop tops, worn in some looks as the blouse under the Sari, the Palazzo Pants, the front slit -HOTTT dress, and the amazing monochrome workwear inspired jumpsuit.

This NIFT and NID designer, walks the fine line of contemporary and ethnic when it comes to his ready to wear collection.

His finishes and fits are clean, lines simple, and colours vibrant and playful.

A promising emerging designer and I can’t wait to see his collection being picked up by international stores and boutiques,so that we all can have a piece of the his line.

Till then,you can always contact him directly,in case you can’t wait:)

p.s: keep an eye for his jewellery, I am a proud receiver of the PAC man brooch, which was on everyone’s lust list! haha

You can follow him on his Facebook page here


Di xx

Alesia Raut in Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, with Yogesh. Cant wait till he starts menswear!One day!