The Amazing 5inchandup Sandra Hagelstam

Meeting Sandra Hagelstam of recently was like bumping into a college friend. I had heard her speak at a few events before and I always thought she was really approachable, and that she was! Smiling away with her camera and her stunning Celine shoes(don’t know how you do it girl!), Sandra is the girl next door both on and off her blog(Albeit a very stylish Girl next door)!

If you ever spot her on the streets for her street style blog “The Neighbourhood watch” or outside Fashion Weeks, you must observe her while she is taking pictures. She dives likes a swan to get her self in a position to get her shot.Her footworks, (including the shoes) are a sight!

Here are some of my pictures of her taken recently.

Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Street Style 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Nails 5inchandup sandra hagelstam Celine Shoes 5inchandup sandra hagelstam

I just made a quick video of the above images to try my hand at Vlogging!


Di x


Monday Muse: Julia Sarr-Jamois

"Julia Sarr-Jamois"

You could spot Julia Sarr-Jamois in a crowd from a distance. The perfect Afro gives it away!That is a trademark, ofcourse the Denim jackets, the sneakers, alternating between the 5inch Stilettos and the prints and colours thrown together to make the perfect look, helps in spotting the 23 year old Model-turn-Stylist-turn-Editor for Wonderland Magazine at practically every Fashion event.

Half Sengalese-half French,Julia started her career pretty soon,dropping out of college and pursuing an internship at I.D.Magazine, and soon securing a the Editor Title at Wonderland (which I think she has been at since 2010).

She can work a casual sportswear with wide legged trouser,looking effortless chic with that hair and statement accessories!(Almost always with huge sunglasses!)

Some of her looks:

"Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois""Julia Sarr-Jamois"Julia Sarr-Jamois"Julia Sarr-Jamois"

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Monday Muse: Eleonora Carisi, Blogger for

Eleonora Carisi is one of my favourite bloggers with a distinct style.Blogging since 2009 on, the blog covers all aspects of lifestyle ranging from fashion to beauty.

Owner of a concept store “You Shop” in Turin, Italy, Eleonora stocks and supports emerging and upcoming designers, and is also the blogger for, and a regular shutterbug trigger at fashion weeks.

Not afraid of colour pairing, lines are simple and long, maxis are combined with oversize knits and bold accessories!

You can recognise her in the crowd with her gorgeous beauty spot and dark hair thrown up on one side(To die for)!

See more of her style on my pinterest Monday Muse Board.

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