Right, This is a tough one!

I am going to try doing this in a Q & A format to make things easier…well for me to write!


Diana Kakkar is a Fashion Designer  by profession, she founded Trendbridged.com as her way of documenting street style,while trying to understand the myriads of Fashion styles in London. Having worked as a designer over the past few years, Trendbridged.com is a night-time job.Her day Job is juggling her time between Designing,Trend Forecasting and Social Media Marketing for other Fashion Labels and start-ups.Most of time these roles merge into one big day!

Diana is also the founder of London Fashion Bloggers Community on Twitter and Facebook,where she promots collaborations between Brands and Bloggers.

She calls London Home,but lives all around the world thanks to Twitter. An avid tech geek,you can grab her attention by using Dior and SEO in the same sentence.She loves to talk over coffee, and listens to playlists created by friends for her while blogging.


Trendbridged.com started as a street-style journal, but now has features like Monday Muse and Dinky Talks to talks about Exclusive Designer Interviews and Inspiration Boards.


Trendbridged aims at bridging the visual gap in the fashion world.While studying in India,Diana always wanted to know what people wore around the world,thus now she aims to bridging that gap bit by bit.


Trendbridged.com goes everywhere where Diana goes,It gets incorporated in her Scuba-Dive trips in Malta, or on walks down in Christania in Copenhagen.Till now, Diana and her Camera have travelled to the London Fashion Week,Sydney Fashion Week & India fashion Week sharing with readers what she sees.

For any further questions please email: dianak@trendbridged.com



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Trendbriged. Congratulations on getting over 15,000 visits on your blog. Your blog is truly unique and found it very interesting that you studied in India. Did you study in Delhi? Have a good day.

  2. Hi, Thank you! Yes I am aiming for 20000 hits by 20.12.12 🙂 2500 more to go:)
    I am glad you liked the blog,yes I studies Fashion in Delhi and been travelling all over now!I hope to see you on the blog more often! Have a great day!

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