Monday Muse: Ulyana Sergeenko

I hope most of you are familiar with this Russian Beauty Ulyana Sergeenko by now, if not…Sigh….what can I say to you lot!Beter read on to catch up!

This damsel is not just a pretty face,she is the designer behind the eponymous label Ulyana Sergeenko, a photographer, a blogger and stylist, she is a woman who has her delicate hands in every pie…and every pie tastes as beautiful as the first one.

Of course one would think, being the wife of a Russian Insurance Mogul, makes things so much easier, but you can’t take the credit away from Ulyana at any point of time.Her Fall 2012 show was scheduled smack in the middle of Chanel and Armani Privé show and attracted all the top editors and celebrity in the front row,ultimately resulting in a standing ovation for this neophyte designer.Her presence in the Fashion Couture world was established right there.

Her style is very vintage late 40’s-early 50’s, with the floral bouquet print, the babushka-type headscarves, the pin-up girl demure figure complemented with full skirts and cashmere sweaters teamed with the most perfectly crafted Cloche hats. I honestly can’t seem to get enough of her. The porcelain skin complimenting the red pout and quintessential 50’s cat eye is an inspiration for many around the world. If only we could dress like that everyday and still look different!

Some of Ulyana Sergeenko’s best street style looks:

"Ulyana Sergeenko""Ulyana Sergeenko""Ulyana Sergeenko""Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012""Ulyana Sergeenko""Ulyana Sergeenko"Ulyana SergeenkoUlyana SergeenkoUlyana Sergeenko

Some of her images from Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012 Collection:

"Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012""Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012""Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012""Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Winter 2012"

If you would like to see the rest of the collection please click here.


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5 thoughts on “Monday Muse: Ulyana Sergeenko

  1. Hey! Oh my God, my friends always made fun of me for liking her, but when she got the standing ovation they quieted down a bit!
    Yet so glad to hear there are others out there who like her like I do!!!

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