Monday Muse: Rosalind Jana

If you guys have been keeping an eye out for the Next Gen talent of writers from the UK who are making a wave in the fashion arena, you are sure to have had come across Rosalind Jana.

For all those of you  kindly need a subtle nudge, and an introduction to this young woman of powerful thoughts with an excellent ability to convert those into words, I hereby present you with Rosalind Jana, writer and fashion Blogger.Rosalind writes on her blog where she styles stunning shoots of herself and others too. This teamed with her expressing writing makes you want to spend more time scrolling across each article,which can sometimes lead you into trouble,since it is so addictive that you almost forget your own deadlines.

All of 17, Rosalind won the Vogue Talent Contest 2011 last year, has been clicked by street style photographers all around the world at the London Fashion Week. Previous Vogue Talent Winners include Harriet Quick, Leisa Barnett,Stephen Doig all have left a mark for themselves in the Fashion Journalism space.

So, in case you are not following her blog already, this is the time to track Rosalind’s journey as a writer and blogger.

Her style is as described by Because London very Pre-Raphaelite, which I somewhat agree, as you can see traced of that subtle rustic beauty coming through her Long hair,the dreamy eyes, and now that I am saying that I can actually imagine her as a modern-day Ophelia in the famous Sir John Everett Millais painting.

I will let you be the best judge of my imagination.


Also a subtle reminder for all you guys who would like to attend the London Bloggers Meet November 2012, Please leave a comment with your email so that I can send you a mail.


Di xx

Images:Here,Here and Here


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