London Street Style: Orange Cozy Knit

With the Winter officially setting and rumours of a mild snowfall too, I was more than tempted to snuggle in my duvet and not venture out at all today!

The temperature is hitting the lower end single digits (Read as 0 degrees) which gives us a chance to get our fur coats,scarves,gloves and everything else possibly spelling out “WARMTH” out! Thus explains me going through My London Street Style photos folder to pull out some “Comfort” images!

Considering Halloween is around the corner,and Tangerine has been the colour of the year,all the pumpkins and warm colours made me choose this picture from the London Fashion Week,when I was out and about clicking Street Style images.

This man actually reminds me of one of my very good friend back in India, Mohit Rai, who is a freelance stylist, and I can so imagine him strutting this off with absolute swan like grace!I would love to shoot a few images of him in a cozy knit!


Orange is one of the best colours to invest in this Fall Winter, for outerwear, Please see my trending board here for more inspiration.

Orange Pinterest


Di xx


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