See You Next Season: Garance Doré

Garance Doré is by far one of my most favorite, instant smile booster,quick chatter, feel good blogger!

I am absolutely in Love with her “Pardon My French” series in partnership with which is her conversations with people in the fashion industry like Guillaume Henry of CarvenCarol and Humberto of Kenzo,Tabitha Simmons apart from casual chats with stylists and editors.

The finale of the “Pardon My French” series is a visual diary/montage of Paris Fashion Week and an insight into the world through Garance’s eyes (or lens)! It cracked me up and made me love her even more.

Covering bits and bobs of her borrowing clothes from her sartorial partner Scott (Schuman), to running for the short Louis Vuitton Show to dancing in the rain and traces of the after party, this last episode is a great way to wrap up the season.

P.s: My Monday Muse makes a quick appearance in this video, any guesses?? To be continued…

Till that time enjoy the video..


Di xx



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