Monday Muse Parisienne Stylist Elisa Nalin

Statutory Warning: Colour Explosion! Italy-born Elisa Nalin is no new to the fashion Industry,with a straight track record of graduating from Instituto Europeo del Design (IED),and securing a job at Costume National and eventually the director at Samsonite’s Shoe Line, this fashionista is a self-proclaimed SHOE ADDICT! (Which one of us is not??). Leaving Italy behind, and taking to Paris as the new home, Elisa started her styling career and soon had a great portfolio with Dazed & Confused,i-D and Vogue Nippon and eventually for brands and department stores like Le Bonmarchéand Benetton… Her Staple:

While sourcing images, I just realised Elisa has a great knack of teaming wardrobe basics in a certain colour co-ordinated style,thus curated these images in a certain pattern to show my flow of thoughts. THE BLUE TROUSERS Elisa NalinElisa NalinElisa NalinElisa Nalin "Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin" P.s: If I have tempted you to buy a pair of Blue Tailored trousers, Click here on the MANGO Website for great tapered look OR on the Farfetch website for a Kenzo Pair of Wide leg Trousers. THE PENCIL SKIRT "Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin" P.s: Great Bargain spotted on this DVF Blue Pencil Skirt on  THE SOLID COLOUR STORY "Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin"P.S:Tips to keep in Mind:

  1. Okay to wear Matchy-Matchy pieces till you team them well. As Seen in Above with Purple Scarf and Skirt.
  2. Stay within the same colour family. Warm with Warm colours and Cold with Cold tones.
  3. Go with Bold Accessory to add points of interest to your staples….AND DONT FORGET TO WEAR THE SMILE.

THE HEAD SCARF "Elisa Nalin""Elisa Nalin" A simple Patterned Head scarf can take you a long way. Remember to pin it at the back to secure it lest it slips away. Hope you enjoy this post. Please Share your views and love! Love Di xx Images Sources: Here, Here,Here,Here,Here,Here, Here,Here,Here and Here


4 thoughts on “Monday Muse Parisienne Stylist Elisa Nalin

  1. Oh I love these pictures and comments, thank you so much. I find Elisa such an inspiration; she lifts my spirits with her colours and great smile. We all need reminders to smile lots and have confidence to wear what we like, to be bold and hold our heads up. Thank you. You have made a real difference to how I view myself and I feel so inspired to try new things 🙂

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