Trip to East London

I had a few friends come in from India,and they wanted to feel the culture(or sub culture) existing in London,so we made a quick dash to East London,crossed through Spitalfields Market,stopped by at the Lomography store,went to The Tent (London Design Festival) and finally hit brick lane!

It’s surprising you can see so much in such a little time in London while still see nothing!!

I find street style in East London inspiring since it always is idiosyncratic to that area. In fact,I was in India last month, and someone mentioned (referring to another designer) she has a very “East London” style, which just throws you off a little considering a small area of London has a distinct identity in another continent!

This is right outside the American Apparel store at the Old Truman Brewery, where this multi talented Singer/Dancer Lauran Amexandria was waiting for the door to the very famous American Apparel Factory Outlet Doors to open!

East london

East london

East london

East London
Street Art in Brick Lane
East london
I Love the Long line T-shirt Tunic worn with a Jumper
East London
Japanese Denim is known for its quality,silhouettes and outstanding trims!
East london
Street Art

Love how London has the room and openness for  the contrasting world of Trend Led vs Anti trends fashion are so cohesively integrated.Guess thats where the beauty lies.

Diana xx


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