Chained at the Collar

It has been an amazing week so far!

All those of you who are tech savvy,image diggers, social tweeters and are merely interested in the vast vast world of Social Media, then the Social Media Week is the place to be. With great speakers and people, the vibe is buzzing with creative minds all speaking the same language! I just happened to come back from a “Content Creation” event on the HMS President (yes that amazing boat on the River Thames) organised by this Digital Marketing agency called The Quad (who’s office is actually is the very same boat!!)

Been very inclined towards Social Media, and PR, I decided to be inspired and feature an image I clicked at London Fashion Week of fellow blogger Emma Creen, who has a blog called Mademoiselle Creen. Emma works for this uber cool company called PRShots which should be on every bloggers bookmark! I use it quite often while researching and writing articles for other websites. Please go and check it out, ‘coz you WILL find it handy!

I loved Emma’s collar with the studs and special attention to the Centre Button, with the little skull head. It is all in the details,my friends.. teamed with a very dainty paisley-floral print, the collar stands out even more.

There are quite a few collars you can get your hands on,I have one from but I am currently coveting this 3.1 Phillip Lim Metallic Leather Collar which is versatile and so very Chic!

Please share your ‘Top Notch’ Style stories!


Di xx

"London Fashion Week SS13"


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