Monday Men: Gabriel García of

Since the launch of Monday Muse, I have had a few of my Fashion-centric Men-friends asking me why I have been such a feminist in my musings:)

Thus, to all you guys (You know who you are!), I present thee with MONDAY MEN.

The first one to feature on Monday Men is Gabriel García of Gabriel (fondly called Gabi), along with the adorable Mike Madrid form this amazingly cool Madrid-based Blog, which I promise, is an inspiration to most design houses across the globe!

Gabi, a graphic designer/photographer turned blogger has a Classic style infused with colours just in the right proportions.(Look out for the Glasses,watches,chinos).I can so imagine him Manchester, walking down the cobble streets with a parka on, with some great Brogues and a cool iPad clutch!(I am coveting  this Brand Nappa Dori for their iPad covers)

I absolutely love their Facebook page, which is STYLISH yet so personal,with bits and bobs of the their holiday snippets to their “I don’t feel like doing anything” moments!

I have started following them on Bloglovin, and set a bookmark to chase their updates on a regular basis!

Follow them on Facebook here

Gabriel Garcia of

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"
Love those Prada Shoes

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"

"Gabriel García of"

"Gabriel Garcia of"

All images and Video:


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