Monday Muse: Hedvig Opshaug

This stunning model turned Banker turned Fashion Blogger is a sure shot head turner!I am sure you must have come across her profile a gazillion time reflagged by various fashion bloggers, magazines,, and the list is endless.

Hailing from Norway, but living in London,Hedvig blogs her stunning looks on her self hosted blog: The Northern Light.

Shot by Tommy Ton for Jak and Jil, Mr. Newton for Harper Bazzar, and Jason Jean for Citizen Couture, this fashionista posts her looks simultaneously to most of these websites/magazines. Seen trotting between fashion shows, her style is casual chic with well structures garments and great combinations of combining colour and textures in a very urban and minimalistic manner.

Her looks are achievable yet, distinct, with many of her items used combined with staples to create various staple looks.One thing she can boast of ,with her looks is a sense of proportions, quality and complete looks, of course teamed with her favourite Ray-Bans!

Follow her many look on my pinterest Monday Muse link, by clicking here:Monday Muse.

 Hedvig Opshaug

 Hedvig Opshaug


 Hedvig Opshaug


 Hedvig Opshaug


 Hedvig Opshaug


 Hedvig Opshaug


 Hedvig Opshaug


Images from: Here, here, here, here,here,here and here



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