Monday Morning Muse: Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy‘s style would be best described as the perfect concoction of  Gallic Romance with Cozy comfort! There is something about French women, which most of us always envy,the poise, the colours, the bohemian softness combines with eccentric accessories,all combined to look so very casual, yet always chic! Indeed,a little French Secret!

This Parisienne damsel of  ‘Harry Potter‘ and ‘Birdsong‘ fame is also the face of Chloe perfume.(p.s:Birdsong just reminds me of the boy-next-door Edward Redmayne…Ohhhhh Yumm!)

A Fedora hat and flat shoes are self admitted all-time accessory for Clémence. Tousled hair with barely there makeup and soft Kohl lined eyes is the best way to get closest to this french look.

An ardent lover of Chanel,Clémence ensure she never misses the Chanel shows amongst the many others. See some more looks on the ‘Monday Morning Muse’ pinterest board by clicking here.

Clemence Poesy in Red Valentino
At the Valentino Couture show in July 2012Clemence Poesy At the Valentino Couture show in July 2012
Clemence Poesy at the Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 show womenswear during London Fashion Week (20.02.2012)
At the Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 Clemence Poesy 2 Clemence Poesy Clemence Poesy  in Paul Smith
In Paul Smith silk Blouse

Style tip: To achieve the tousled Poesy hair, try the John Master’s Sea Mist Spray in your hair for the relaxed volume.You can buy it here.

Which are your best looks of Mademoiselle Poesy?Please share if you have any images which should be up here!

Love, Di xx

Image Sources: Here, here, here, here and here


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