Dinky talks with Big People: Kaz from Gem Lettuce, Sydney

A few days ago I received a little package all the way from the other part of the world, and believe it or not I opened the package and tried to smell if I could smell the sea breeze, the salty air which it brought along from Sydney, Australia!

I am so torn between missing Sydney and loving London, that I feel I want a bit of both in my world! Sigh, only if wishes were horses….

Anyway, what the package actually contained was this little Resin ring my friend,Kaz sent me.Thankfully,I could actually see some sand particles trapped in Resin, which Kaz calls her “Stone and Grit” collection made in lovely Clovelly, Sydney.

I know Kaz since my Sydney design days,and I remember how I would hear stories of these Resin jewellery she had been working on, that was when Gem Lettuce was being nurtured to face the big wide world.

Now Gem Lettuce has grown into a full-fledged label with a unique  handwriting and look.

Gem Lettuce collaborated with Sydney based fashion label Uscari  for the Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week for their latest SS12 collection showcased in Sydney during the fashion week on May 4th 2012. Click here for the video.

The jewellery compliments the main range collection, aptly called ‘Submerged in Silence’ with an aquatic/underwater theme using all materials like seaweed, grit,bibs made of ropes in fishermen knots with translucent pendants in clear sections of colour and textures playing through the resin.

The range consists of Rings, pendants and bracelets in Colourful Mosaic, Abstract floral (which have real flowers, frozen in time in resin) and the Stone collection with sand from Clovelly Beach.

You can get your hands on and in these irresistible pieces through contacting Kaz on Gemlettuce.com .Soon Gem Lettuce will be on Etsy.com which will bring more joy to the whole world!

If you would like to follow the Gem Lettuce trail in Sydney, please “Like” their page on Facebook so that we see more of them everywhere.

Di xx

My little package of joy from Clovelly Beach,Sydney

Image Courtesy: Gem Lettuce and Me.


Tealing a bit Blue

I don’t want to reference Harajuku, but I love how the influence can be seen in the hair, the eyebrows and the little toy earrings dangling!

Although a very very chic version, combining textures and layers,not to miss the fishnet worn over the blue tights, with a statement bag, (not that you need a statement while carrying off a gorgeous teal hairdo!) is all you need to look comfortably urban.

I love the dyed eyebrows, with almost a bare makeup.

what colour have you/will you experiment with for your eyebrows/hair? Would love to hear some stories!!

Some other websites to seek inspiration:

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Hot or Cold, a wee bit of both!

It is by far the coldest summer I have ever lived in! We had 3 days of summer in March and I think everyone’s sandals, shorts and SUNGLASSES came out from the back of the wardrobe, of course worn with woollen boots, maybe a thermal layer, and even a hat! So much for Summer!

This man combines a bit of both in his velvet jacket and exaggerated velvet bow, paired with some leather strap ons to work the ” Umm the sun is out but it is 8 degrees” look! I am currently reading One Day and in my head Dexter looks like him,with the undone hair, the CD sunglasses, the purposefully unkept shirt, the vain, ready to be photographer stance… of course Jim Sturgess fills the shoes pretty well in the movie! Sighh!!!

Have a see. x