Dans Le Noir, London

I took my friends from Sydney to this amazing place for dinner called Dans Le Noir,(images attached).


If you can’t see the pictures look again, you might be able to sense a little bit of my fork, or my knife, or my friend’s wine glass.

If you still can’t see it, then I must say I captured the picture quite well, because this is how it looked like when we sat on our table.

Dans Le Noir is an unique restaurant, originally founded by Edouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond with the support of Foundation of blind people in Paris in 2004 and literally means “in the darkness”- read as (dau le noo-aar”).Soon the London branch opened. (P.s: Prince William and Kate have dined here too..woohooo!)

The idea is that, the staff who are visually impaired or blind, guide you in a little train in the main dining area which is pitch black and soon you realise all you have is this shoulder in front of you who guides you at every step and corner. 

You are guided to your table and are told what is in front of you, at what location and soon your “surprise” food arrives and you eat (with hands mostly) since you don’t know where your fork is going.

The first reacting is panic, and even claustrophobia, but soon you start relying on your other senses and start to feel and hear things which you wouldn’t usually pay heed to. The fact that you are being guided, despite being completed capable of doing everything, by someone who can’t probably do half of those things, makes you realise the importance of all your senses even more. You end up thanking your stars for all you have and gain new found respect for all those who are those who are visually impaired.

I know this is not a fashion and a style based post, but I am so moved by this experience that it is my moral responsibility to spread the word. There are various chains doing the same thing with local Blind organisations.Go and be the change agent.

Dans le Noir– London and Paris

O’Noir– Toronto and Montreal

Opaque– few cities in U.S.


Please google “Dine in Dark” followed by your city to find your local restaurant.