Social Media and Easter Bunny with a CDG wallet!!

Clearly you can see I have been quipping about social media in my last few posts.

All those who follow my blog, must remember when I spoke about the lovely duo at CoChineChine in my ‘Dinky talks with big people’ feature.

Well a little birdie(in this case a Bunny) tells me these girls are using their Facebook page to the maximum and launching a treasure hunt on the 2nd of April celebrating the Easter spirit. I have a little child in me, and I go wheeeeeee when I start to think of a Virtual treasure hunt.

Its dead simple, A SWASH egg is stashed away on somewhere, and all those eyes who spot it, just send an email to with the link of the hidden egg and you stand a chance to win a Comme des Garçons’ wallet!! Yayyyyy!!


I have had my eye on a few actually, and after pampering myself with a Neon Marc Jacob coin/iphone/oyester card holder, I am trying to grow the neon family in my bag with this CDG wallet.

If you are lucky you might win this polka dot embossed one with cochinechine:)

You can view some of the eye catchy pieces on Net-a-porter.


Happy Easter! I am going diving in Malta, so I guess,it will be a surprise if I spot an underwater-bunny 🙂


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