London Fashion Week- Part 1

As you can imagine, I have more the 500 images clicked already, and I thought I need to be really quick at uploading these!

London Fashion Week was amazing! It was buzzing with activity and I almost did not realise how much privilege  a Press card holds!

It was a blogger’s heaven, and more than anything a street photographer’s most elated moment! I was a kid in a candy store!

Managed to get quite a few good shots, but one of my favourite and would also like to start the London Fashion Week Posts with none other than the ever popular Susie Bubble.

She looks more adorable in real life than my ridiculous photography skills can do justice to them. If I am not mistaken this is right outside the Kinder Aggugini show at the Somerset house.

Love the organza-fur Jacket, paired with the tartan! (I saw so much tartan this season, it is a defo coming back!!)I am not sure who it is by, so help me if you do!Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble

Keep a lookout for the Scottish favourites!

Have fun,



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