East London Matchbox Girl

I always get amazed by how quirky London can get!

I am really happy to say I have been to the funniest stores, seen a Piano covered with stickers, witnessed a wall change it’s colour by the hour, thanks to the amazing hub near where I live!

I admit I haven’t seen much, but out of what I have seen, this girl was my latest GASP of amazement!!

She was selling vintage match boxes! Yeah..stuff which you will throw in the trash is going to be gold dust tomorrow!!

She hails from Japan, but when she was clearing out her Grand dad’s trunk, she came across these, and decided to share her joy with the rest of us!

I love how she sat there, with her Collarless Polka dot shirt, her Androgynous Shoes, blazer chucked over so casually, and those killer glasses!

I want to know how many of you are going to try this look, with this simple poll:) (As you can see I am trying my hand around the WordPress features:)

I definitely am thinking of this look! Cant wait to get my hands on a nice Polka shirt! Also, Might just get those vintage gold dust Match boxes!! Alright..I gave in!!

Di xx

"Round Sunglasses"

"Polka Dot shirt and Androgynous Brogues"

"Vintage Match Boxes"


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