Dinky talks with big people Part 1. “CoChineChine London”

I have been planning to do this for quite some time, almost October.

It is a regular feature (I hope I can keep up to my vow of “Dinky Talks with Big People), where I hope to highlight various people in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry by having a quick chat with them about their plans and their ideas of this big wide world!

I met up with Melanie Chan from CoChineChine earlier in the year, an upmarket boutique in Hampstead.

CoChineChine was started by Mel and Eftychia Georgilis (a.k.a Efty) in 2004 and has now established a regular clientele not only around the Hampstead neighbourhood but has a strong online presence through their e-shop and the lovely farfetch.com.

Mel and Efty together visit various fashion shows and buy an eclectic yet chic mix of clothes to stock at their boutique.

Here goes my two cents worth:

1. What is the key rule when picking up clothes for CoChineChine?

MC: We have to pick up things which we like. We never bring back anything we don’t like. After all, if I don’t see myself in it how can I convince someone else to buy it?At CoChineChine, we choose clothes for real people!

2. Why the name CoChineChine?

MC: I hail from the far east, and came to UK when I was very young, so when we were thinking of a name we wanted to incorporate something which represented our roots, but still sounded fun and easy to say…and also it remind us of being back in Paris!

* By now I am saying….”ooohh Mel I love Paris!!!”

3.What are the few things you keep in mind when you style or dress up your clients?

MC: I always like to suggest styles which people are going to love, just by slipping into it. Something which matches their personality. I always like to dress stylishly, without the labels in your face! People should enjoy themselves in their clothes!

4. Now that you are involved with Farfetch, how does it change the equation when you buying?

MC: It does, since we have an exposure to all those people who don’t live in the neighbourhood, which makes us take risks. It lets us be more adventurous and brings a little bit of us out there!

5. I love the decor of your 2 levelled boutique, did you end up designing a lot of it?

Well we were lucky to have partnered with SWASH, who developed this print exclusively for us, and we had to redo our couch to show off that print! I absolutely loved it as soon as I saw it! Efty and I always think of ideas to re-invent the place!

6. What labels/designers should I be looking out for according to you?

I love the Matthew Williamson diffusion line MW, it is more surface and print oriented in simple clean pieces, an easy friday dressing.

Also, I love the knit pieces by Sacai, a japanese label, known for their intelligent quirk!

You can visit their store at:

74 Heath Street
London UK

or just click : www.cochinechine.com

Mel (left) and Efty
Mel (left) and Efty in their store CoChineChine
Swash Print Couch!



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