Life in a day.

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Most of my regular readers (Whoever /wherever you are…THANK YOU!) would know that I rarely move away from the world of fashion, design and lifestyle.Yes it makes me sound frivolous and materialistic, but on the other side appreciative of the art and beauty around me.

I am geeky enough of making a spreadsheet and collecting web links which inspire me, makes me feel good , by transporting me to a place I want to be. I am a hoarder for websites, like this one called “The Little Corner”, transports to me a place I want to call home in a few years,and “Little goddess” who shares her everyday in life, and takes me on a journey with her.

It is all good, till I see a documentary like “Life in a day”, and feel so small! So petty!For any of you, who don’t know what Life in a day is, click here

One of the scene which touched me most was when a father (Japanese I think) sets up his camera to have a view of this small room which looks like an utter mess,and is trying to wake up his son Taiji, and tells him to use to the loo, or else he can’t watch tele.

The kid wades through a mess of objects lying everywhere(By this time I am thinking, he should have made the room look presentable before shooting it!) little do I know, the next scene is them wading through another messy room, and go to light some incense in front of a picture of a beautiful young woman, Taiji’s deceased mother and the Man’s love of his life! they wish “Good morning Mommy” and carry on their day.

Another dramatic scene is when someone asks, what is in your pocket, and this Indian man says “Kuch Bhi Nahin hai” (there is nothing, its empty), and the next scene is this man who says, there is a key in my pocket, which has a beautiful logo on it, that of a Lamborghini.

Beautiful part? Both men are Smiling.

This blog which is now my Siamese twin, is also my voice and my thoughts, and I just wanted to share my experience of watching a movie which will be stored on my shelf for the rest of my life, and will be watched 50 years from now…to reflect on well..Life in one’s day!

For all those who have watched it, please share your experiences, and for all those who haven’t…you know what to do!

Di xx

P.s: This is one of my favourite soundtracks


LCF MA 2012 Show

As mentioned in the last post, I went for the LCF MA Graduate  internal show last week, and managed to see all the collections.

Some blew my mind off and some dint float my boat as much as I hoped they would. What I actually liked was the partnering of Accessories designers with Fashion Designers to complete the look!

I am sure once the final show at V&A Museum takes place on 2nd, you can watch it online here.

Only selected few will make it to the external show which attracts a frenzy of editors,designers,brands and bloggers alike! It is like a festival I presume, with an adrenaline buzzing through the backstage and anticipation on the front!

I am not sure if I will be able to make it to the finale, but I wish everyone luck. Have a look! x



LCF MA Show 2012-Rahull Verma

It has been quite a year already! 22 days down and I cant’ even believe I JUST spent new years eve in Paris, running to Eiffel tower to see the fireworks in a train full of french people popping champagne already!

Anyway, I have a feeling this year is going to fly by too!

I had this great opportunity to be in London last weekend when the MA Graduates showcased their collection. The Public show is yet to be unveiled on 2nd Feb, but I am not sure if I’ll make it to that one, so thought I should share with you all that I saw.

I was there to support my dear friend, Rahull Verma, and thankfully he saved me a VERY good seat, to be in a position to click all these pics, so the first post is an ode to his beautiful collection!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Rahull, Good job my friend!