2011…What a roller Coaster!


I am in stunned how this year has passed by so quick!

A year ago I was packing boxes,numbering my suitcases,saying teary goodbyes,and going to the beach again and again in Sydney,Australia, only to move to another great place here in the United Kingdom!!

It has been full of expectations, dreams, frustrations, compromises, and most of all adaptation! But all in all a great year!

I strongly believe if you really like something, it will like you back and that has been my equations with this amazing new move!

Some of you must know I am travelling to France at the end of the year (which is 3 days away..woohooo!!) for 10 days, and unlike most of the holidays I have taken, this is really relaxed, with actually no agenda, and no places to go and visit (except for the ones which HAVE to be visited).

But what I plan to do is going to unusual places, it could be boutiques, cafes,restaurants, concept stores, gardens, buildings!

My research is on, and I have also made a board on pinterest which shows of Things I like already, and would like to do in my end of the year. It is an open board, so you can contribute as much as you want!

I hope to post a little more before Christmas (from Angers, in France), but till then you guys tuck in and enjoy the snow!



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