Gothic Gareth


Now we all have loved Gareth Pugh‘s knack for drama, whether that meant sending out models down an inflatable runway in his RTW2007 or not sending models out on a runway at all, like what he did in the Autumn Winter 2009.

But his latest collaboration with MAC cosmetics is something worth dying for (and comes with a unique selling point of being wearable ..I KNOW!).

To start with the eye shadow comes in COLOUR! Woohoo.. I really thought all the Gareth Pugh for MAC collection would be monochrome, and would have shades of white and black…but I have been very happily proved wrong.

The packaging is excellent, Glossy, square and Black. So Pugh! And has a mini Make up bag too (again Glossy,square and Black!).

Defo on my shopping list. Santa you listening??

The false lashes called Flight Lash are exactly that.  Imagine giving a butterfly kiss with that might be flying already!

Well, as usual his video campaign is worth talking about here, his long time London-based fashion Film director Ruth Hogben, has delivered yet another example of translating Pugh’s thoughts into …well this!


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