Rebirth of Paco Rabanne: Manish Arora

I went through a stage in my teens( seems so long ago now ☹ ) when I was obsessed with collecting the Paco Rabanne’s latest fragrances!

I just liked the sound of owning the perfume for some odd reason, and when you come from a country where part-time jobs were not as common for teenagers, and pocket-money was limited, you can imagine how long I had to save before I bought my beloved perfume( and let’s not forget how long I tried to last it) till I was left with an empty one, I just saved the bottled, in the hope to replace it soon!

Paco Rabanne is a Spanish designer but moved to France when he was young.

He studied architecture but went ahead and gained his popularity as (in)famous L’Enfant terrible (Terrible Child).

Clearly he had to translate his experience as an architect into fashion which came through his D.I.Y. Rhodoid dress.

Well I haven’t chosen to write about Paco out of the blue, but to highlight the new Creative Director Manish Arora’s first RTW SS12 collection for the global brand.

Manish Arora and I share the same Alma matter, so his name is associated with National Institute of Fashion Technology, just the way Jimmy Choo is to London College of Fashion and Gareth Pugh to Central Saint Martins.

Manish is known to be theatrical (very contrary to my design aesthetics), but what one would like to learn from him, is to perfect the art of using colours and materials!

No surprise he is with Paco Rabanne, giving the brand its self-proclaimed “Rebirth”.

Well, The collection is meant to be “Ready To wear”, and I hope most fashionistas are ready to wear a Paper fan like structure on their shoulder for an evening out with the girls, since that is exactly what Manish has as a finale for the latest collection, which may I add is the first collection after the break of 6 years since Mr. Rabanne resigned.

I love the lucidity and almost the snake-like pattern in which the plastic dresses have been linked in the hourglass highlighting pencil skirts and dresses, and the coral like surface on the iridescent Metallic peplum-ish dress, teaming up of sheer organza with the linked plastics.Well there are quite a few bits I like and well some (usually the end of the collection) which is too far-fetched for me!

But that is me!
I bet my friend, Mohit Rai (He is a stylist with Harper’s Bazaar, you see) will disagree and we will sit down with a heated debate which can be cooled only after we both are comforted with a chilled beer!

To each to his own!
Let me know what you all think of Manish’s latest do with Paco, would love to hear some feedback (Yes Including you MOHIT!)

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Manish Arora.  Image Courtesy:
Manish Arora. Image Courtesy:

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To see Paco Rabanne’s complete SS12 collection, please click here and to see the video click here


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