Ryan Gosling, the best Driver ever!

I know I should stop gushing about him, but anyone who has seen DRIVE, will love Ryan Gosling more!

Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive stars Ryan with Carey Mulligan as his lady-love, in this “teal blue” hued movie which was a treat to the eye…(err not including the innovative ways of killing people in the movie 🙂 )

I must admit, I did not expect much when I walked in at the Corner House Cinema, Oxford Street, Manchester but I must admit the first 5 minutes of the movie were enough to glue me to my seat through out!

It had an 80’s pop synth feel to it, and I guess it owes that mood to one of the best soundtrack of the year (Only because I haven’t watched Swell Season,The movie,as yet).It is on repeat since the last few hours now! My “Real hero”!!

Plus the Neon Pink font used for the title and through out for the introduction/credits brought back visions of acid wash high waist jeans,back combed hair,leotards,graphic tee tied at the waist…Oh wait on…that is what is trending right now..isn’t it??!!

I guess 80’s will never die!


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