Vanessa Bruno meets Kate Bosworth

I am loving the new Vanessa Bruno LOV Autumn Winter 2012/13 video.



It features Kate Bosworth in her fragile almost dreamlike princess form. The collection is clearly very nordic inspired, or so it seems with the chunky knits and the white horse, and the snow-clad mountains, and the glistening water!

Now, I am not a movie maker, so I can not give a verdict/critical view-point of the movie,maybe my friends who are actually in this industry will be able to throw better light on it, but I can definitely give my views on what looks aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

Firstly, I love the whole reverse mode of clothes being worn,I don’t know if the credit goes to Ms. Bosworth’s act of wearing it, or the clothes or the video’s post editing by Stephanie Di Gusto.

I love the soft whites sharpened by the high waist Velvet Trousers, and the Jacquard Lurex jacket softened by the white stallion!It all works for me!

Secondly, I love the surrealism of the movie, especially the time the crochet and fur collar sitting on Kate’s shoulder is almost touching the water which she is suspended on,well almost gliding on!

Her resting on the table and getting up in an obscure room in the hills! The paradox of the frail yet strength of a woman comes out through the video and speaks to us through Kate’s presence on the screen, and you can see the collection oozing out the feminine confidence.

All in all, the collection speaks to me through this video, and I love it.


The Gen Z

I have been feeling so ashamed of myself lately!

I need to pour out!!! I have been reading of 13-16 year olds starting their brands/being ahead of their game when it comes to being a “Style Blogger”,and almost taking over a fashion editor’s seat at New York Fashion Week’s most sought after designer’s front row!

I am not kidding when I say this, I feel so backward, I have not been able to sleep! I am not saying Anna Wintour has competition,but rest of us, we better pull up our socks, before we are rendered obsolete, by the Gen Z!

Well,now that I have gone on a rant, I will let the sensible side of my head talk, Few reasons why the Gen Z is where it is at:

  1. Internet Invasion
  2. PDA/Mobile Phone/Laptop Freedom ( My friend’s 2-year-old Niece knows how to unlock my iPhone and start her favorite app…On the other hand I did not how to use T9(or auto correct) till I was 19! Shame on you Diana!
  3. Blogosphere exposure, which is so important, this really means, you don’t have to save your pennies to get that one expensive magazine to know what to wear/not to wear.
I do wish I was born in this generation though, but who knows Gen Z shall be envious of some 5-year-old blogging and Modelling , 2 years from now.Fine (NOT) example is the French Brand Jours Après Lunes, is really advertising lingerie for 4-12 year old girls.Gasp! I know!Let’s not even start that conversation!
On the other hand, I do get inspired when I am walking on the street and come across youngsters who are so aware, of what to wear and where to wear, and what looks good on them, it just creates an aura of confidence around them. A confidence which is surely going to go a long way.
I was writing an article on Coloured Denim, when I came across this sister duo, who oozed out this comfortable confidence, I am talking about.
You know that they made an effort, and that was the attractive bit.
So here are my soul sisters.
Niamh, I am sorry, but thank you for mailing in. I hope I have done justice to your style! xx
Soul Sisters!
Coloured Denim have no rules or formulas. Just wear them when you ready to rock the streets.
Must have item: The Bow Blouse.
Hot Pink with White Tips. Excellent choice to compliment the florals.

Tailcoats and Tall Hats.

So this has been due for a very long time, and so are millions of pictures in my archive!
I almost need to stop clicking pictures before I post all the ones which await to be shared with this wide fascinating world! Which is the toughest task in itself!
These pictures are from the Vintage Fair which I spoke about a few blogs ago.
Well I grew up crushing on Clark Gable’s character of Rhett Butler, Infact I was almost confused which one I liked better, Clark or Rhett?!! Ahhhh.. my heart still skips a beat when I look at him, ohh You charming young fellow, at least in these images I am drooling on!
So you can only imagine how many times my heart skipped when I saw all these men dressed in Vintage, from various periods! I almost saw a guy with a cravat, just how My Rhett wore it, and then my knees went weak when I remembered his line which went:
“No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.!!”
(My day dream explains why the gentlemen with the cravat is not in these images!)
Okay, this post is clearly not on my teenage crush, but on how wonderful the world would look if men wore Tailcoats and Tall hats, and opened doors for women stepping out of the car, and….*Shut up Di, let them read!!*. xx