Denim on Denim

When: Sunday afternoon

Where: E1 London, bordering Brick Lane and Redchurch Street

It was a lazy sunday afternoon for these guys who were in desperate need for a hangover brunch.

I couldn’t tell that they had not slept a wink for the last 40 hours, and were generous enough to stop and smile (a gorgeous one that too) for a picture!

I saw them later at a Kebab shop and a milk shake bar to get some grease to counterattack the night before’s damage.

When I saw them walking, I remembered the song “Lady”-by Mojo for the trio looked as if they came back from a road trip.

The knack of layering Denim on denim is that of an acquired eye, and the guys have done a superb task of it.

The various lengths of the Denim Jacket or Shirt Jacket has brought about a versatility to their looks!

Not to miss the hats and the camera! I do wonder the secrets it would hold from their big saturday night!


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