Make up your HEAD

Hairdresser at BatisteBirds,bees and Butterflies.

Scarves should not be limited to a "Bad Hair Days",and Vintage fairs.

Sorry this was a Sneak shot, but someone cut my frame, But i loved it!

Or Glam it up.

The Vintage Fashion Fair was actually inspiring to be in, since I had just come back from Paris after an inspiration/research trip for my day job, and this was the cherry to the icing.

The simplest way to go vintage is, dress up your “votre tête“.

You saw a lot of Head Dressing, since Batiste, had a stall where they churned out masterpieces of vintage Hair do’s on the public.

That is where I spotted this talented hair artist with the Orange Hummingbird on her head.Rest as we call was history.

Style Tip: Huge on WGSN trends is the scarf around the head.Go for the bright colours for the oomph.


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