Patterns GALORE

All over Printed Jumpsuit, is a Spot on Trend in WGSN's prediction for the next Spring Summer 2012..

It was Patterns Galore at the Vintage Fashion Fair at South Bank, last weekend.

I did manage to get half of my SD card full with pictures, so I will try to post pictures in an organised manner, a.k.a, themes.

Have a look at All over Patterns for now.


One thought on “Patterns GALORE

  1. hey Di…
    Its been such a long time… Now I know what keeps u busy… I read yr blog entries and I had a really good time checking out the pics and the awesome description for each.. Ur right its kinda hard to balance yr passion while making good money alongside. But I’m proud ur doing that.. And I see a lot of yr pics are just from the streets… So probably londoners are very experimental and creative.. So ur in the right place.. Keep goin and keep updating yr blog for the sake of people like me.. Tc

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