Denim on Denim

When: Sunday afternoon

Where: E1 London, bordering Brick Lane and Redchurch Street

It was a lazy sunday afternoon for these guys who were in desperate need for a hangover brunch.

I couldn’t tell that they had not slept a wink for the last 40 hours, and were generous enough to stop and smile (a gorgeous one that too) for a picture!

I saw them later at a Kebab shop and a milk shake bar to get some grease to counterattack the night before’s damage.

When I saw them walking, I remembered the song “Lady”-by Mojo for the trio looked as if they came back from a road trip.

The knack of layering Denim on denim is that of an acquired eye, and the guys have done a superb task of it.

The various lengths of the Denim Jacket or Shirt Jacket has brought about a versatility to their looks!

Not to miss the hats and the camera! I do wonder the secrets it would hold from their big saturday night!

Make up your HEAD

Hairdresser at Batiste

Hairdresser at BatisteBirds,bees and Butterflies.

Scarves should not be limited to a "Bad Hair Days",and Vintage fairs.

Sorry this was a Sneak shot, but someone cut my frame, But i loved it!

Or Glam it up.

The Vintage Fashion Fair was actually inspiring to be in, since I had just come back from Paris after an inspiration/research trip for my day job, and this was the cherry to the icing.

The simplest way to go vintage is, dress up your “votre tête“.

You saw a lot of Head Dressing, since Batiste, had a stall where they churned out masterpieces of vintage Hair do’s on the public.

That is where I spotted this talented hair artist with the Orange Hummingbird on her head.Rest as we call was history.

Style Tip: Huge on WGSN trends is the scarf around the head.Go for the bright colours for the oomph.

LondelhiFashion is now TRENDBRIDGED

Hi Guys,

I have been M.I.A for a while, and that is because I am trying to clear the cobwebs in my head and come up with some changes for this blog branding.

So after a lot of dusting and moving some old boxes( poor nails 😦 ), the blog has been renamed to Trendbridged.

You could still access all the old posts on, and it will automatically direct you to the new blog which is

Something exciting coming up soon on TrendBridged.

Bridging the gap, while listening to Armin Van Buuren!