Scottish Star SPARKLES!

After my Easter weekend in Scotland(my first time), I kept on searching the streets for an innovative use of the so famous kilt,so that I had something for my blog which I could share with everyone.

The only few people I found wearing kilts, (I hope with some sort of pants under), were boys crawling the street to get to some place warm after our pub crawl in Edinburgh. Clearly drinking games in Scotland have a different meaning and may involve wearing Kilts! Phew!

Little did I know, I would find my star shot on my last day in Glasgow, in Pauline Clifford.

I have some rules of clicking pictures:

Rule 1: Never interrupt a couple

Rule 2: Never interrupt an eater/book reader/ ice cream enjoyer!

Rule 3: Never interrupt a person on the phone!

Unfortunately for me, when I laid my eyes on Pauline in a mall in Glasgow City Centre, she fell under rule 3, and I had to wait till I could see her free, and boom, there I was with my jargon!

Pauline was on her way to work at a retail store, but after talking about Fashion, I am told she is a creative Whiz herself. Check out this webiste:

Pauline makes customised Swarovski studded “All Stars”…now that’s Bling!

So I feel it is super bonus when I click someone looking *oh so good* on the street, and discover they have a little thing of their own!!

Check these out:)

Pauline Clifford on her way to work!
This I am told is her usual style! Oh I so wish I culled click more pictures on her other "usual" days!


Busy ME

Every creative comes to that crossroad once a while(If they are like me, everyday).

The choice of doing a job which JUST manages to satisfy your creative needs but pays your bill,OR, do what they love the most, and just not care of the bank balance.

Well, I am trying to walk on the thin line which divides these 2 choices. Over ambitious? OH YES it is, I have barely gotten any time since I started my day job earlier in the month, to do this, what I love the most.

So I have so many pictures adding to my archive, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about them.

So this one has been due long, and I apologise to you Charlene, for keeping you waiting for so long, but I must admit you were always on my mind.

This is a funny one actually, as most of my incidents, this one is at SOUTH Bank in London again, right in front of the National Theatre, I saw this girl walk by, but till the time my eyes sent my message to my brain, and my brain responded in “GO CLICK”, and that message was processed back to my action, Charlene had walked a few yards ahead already, so me at my best, did the disappearing act on my friends(who by now don’t consider it rude, if I drop out of  a conversation to go click someone..they just keep walking, and know I will join them wherever they are…Bless!)…so continuing from the disappearing act, I chased Charlene, and almost startled her, catching up on my breath, I say the usual, and I am greeted with the warmest smile and laughter.

So here is Charlene, in her Swarovski ring which she adores, and her summer dress contrasting the Khakhi green Jacket!

Hope you enjoy this Charlene.