When Pablo met Pierre in London.

You know what happens when the epitome of cubism meets the representative of avant-garde designers from 1960, you get an explosion of colour, angles, and edgy-ness oozing into the present.

Yes I talk of no one else than Pablo Picasso and Pierre Cardin, where both the gentlemen, who apart from living in the mesmerizing Paris, have a lot more in common. They influenced their respective fields with their outlook and their flair of  blending of beauty and futurism.

That futurism makes it retro now,and this retro-ness is still charged with that electrifying energy till date. Such was their vision.

Here I spotted this lovely German girl, who let me capture this retro-futurism with my lens.I love the Picasso Tights and the Adam Saaks detail on the shoulder.

Love the Colour of the tights being highlighted by the use of neutrals of the skirt and tee.

Gotta give 10/10 on the trend with the Adam Saaks detail and the Sunnies!

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