It is rarely you meet people on the street with a unique profession these days!

It is funny, but I haven’t met a person who has those odd jobs, which we know exist out there, but just don’t believe because we don’t meet them everyday!

Gone are the days, where people would be sitting on the bar stool at the local pub, and say…”Howdy! I’, Tim, a horseshoe maker/Farrier, and I have a whale of a time putting those shoes on that little new colt”, or “Yup, I am the guy who basically counts all the new stars coming up in the middle of the night while you guys are tucked in bed!”

There was that mystique existing in those yester-years, and the best was, you know the Farrier would wear the hat, with those chaps, and the overalls, but now everyone dresses the same!

Well someone unique caught my little eye the other day, while walking in the Portobello Market in London, she was dressed in a navy cabled casual maxi with an oversize floral front button down top and wore her long straight hair down with a simple smile.After a little tete-a-tete, I discovered my camera had just slicked a Magician, Katherine!

Well,Katherine, I can assure you, that despite you looking to dress yourself in a new style, this style of yours goes down in my blog as a definite “Thumbs Up!”.

Hope to see you soon Katherine, so that you can teach me a few tricks, namely how to quickly fold all my clothes and put them back in the cupboard, NEATLY! 😛


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