Yohji Yamamoto and his friends!

“Like attracts Like”, well that was certainly the case at the  Victoria & Albert Museum, London which exhibited the Yohji Yamamoto Solo Show.

Well it was a brilliant day, the water fountain had people sitting around getting some sun in, and the best of all the exhibition centre was full of diverse people, who had one thing in common, the Love for Mr. Yamamoto.

I would always want to believe that, Yohji Yamamoto is the 8th member of the Antwerp Six, defying the laws of proportion and the law of experience, with the draped scarf integrated in the tartan shirt, and the deconstruction of the granddad jacket into a beautiful women’s shift dress.

The usage of simple basic fabric into something so unconventional makes him as most people call him, “The Poet”, and you surely can see this poetry, in all his garments. It makes you smile when you see the “Tiger Crawl” Print on the lining of the jacket(of course meant to be worn inside out), on the other side, takes you down the rabbit hole with the drapes in the black braided Silk dress, only to hold on to it and climb up again.

This poetry has been genetically passed on to his heir Limi Feu,who gives it a modern twist to the classical Haiku.

I could not click pictures inside, but what I did manage to do was give homage to his fantastic work by clicking these lovely creative architects in their moments of pride, who I must add, were as enthusiastic as me, about both the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition and my blog. Aww Bless!

So when I say “Like attracts like”, I meant the following Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan dressed damsels.

The metallic Gusset in the Sleeves is a perfect Texture Contrast to the Loopback knit.
Alexander McQueen Multi-layered jacket.

Jacket and Trousers both from Alexander McQueen. The draped trousers ,with little pleats a the back was a close cousin of the Indian Salwar.
Hussein Chalayan Dress.


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