As new as Vintage! Oxymoron?

I know, I know, My English teacher from High School, Mrs. Vij would have told me never to write a blog if I wrote this as an article title, but as much as it is an Oxymoron, it is true!

Vintage could be 1980’s Grunge Vintage, or a 1920’s Bias Dress, or a 1950’s Jacket, Vintage is Vintage, and believe it or not soon there will be 2000’s vintage collection!

Well, one woman who is an epitome of pure retro beauty is no one else, than the new-age Pin Up girl, Dita Von Teese.I must admit , her choice of names for her Pseudonym, is as much of a teaser as she herself is.This woman oozes out sensuality and elegance,both at the same time, and there are only few women out there who can do that! The lingerie, makeup and accessories, just completes her look.

What I love about writing a Fashion Blog is, That it just exposes one to so many friendly people out there, (well sometimes I do get walked over too, such is life!!).So I met this great Norwegian girl today at Neal’s yard, in Covent Garden (quirky little area, tucked in between high streets), who was genuinely interested in the blog, and was just so warm and excited, it gave me immense joy and kept me smiling for a long while after that! A traveller herself, she has been places from New York to Switzerland and now here.

Here she is carrying her retro look perfectly.(I sure hope your evening was as great as both of us hoped it to be ;))

So I know, you said you would check the blog, if you do read this, I would love to hear from you again!

The vibrance of scarf being held by the little Scarf pin, and the excellent choice in the shape of the glasses!Bravo!



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