Colours etc. Ltd.

Continuing my post from yesterday about the day of colours, I have yet another post covering that element.

I have been seeing all colours not only in clothes and accessories but also in hair since I have been hitting the streets not only to click but even just for a stroll. Apart from the normal Pinks and Blues, I do see Purple, Yellow and as you can see it is Green here:)

It is no surprise considering the fact the Punk Phenomenon hit the U.K. as one of the first countries where it became a rage, and I think it is a trickle down effect.

Talking of Punk and London, the obvious person who comes to my mind is Vivienne Westwood,and one of the quirky stores which is worth mentioning is the World’s End Store:,

It is a must visit. You could also read her blog “GET A LIFE” on

Anyhow, The picture today is not Punk at all, it is actually very feminine and soft. Have a look and see if you agree with me.

And I am loving this Green these days,I think it is the after effects of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day till wee hours in the morning ;).



3 thoughts on “Colours etc. Ltd.

  1. Lovely photos.U took some pictures of me a few weeks ago on the south bank and u focused in on my swarovski ring.I really liked the photos and wondered if u could email them to me plz?

    Thanks x

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