Hot Icelanders

I think I should make walking the South Bank a regular routine of my time in London.It should be a fixed part of my time-table, But if its fixed, I don’t think it can be spontaneous?Or could it be?

Anyways, right here on the South Bank looking at the river flow by, with the same Man I see everyday, playing the “Rivers of Babylon” there I was being rude and interrupting these Icelanders (Ok come on I can’t really wait for people to finish their conversation and then go ahead poking my camera in their faces).

Now every time I do this, I expect the worst, coz I could get..Hmmmm NO THANK YOU! or Sure go ahead!!

This was the “Go ahead”..Phew!!


Special attention to the rings and the Nail art:)



The look of the day was the "70s". Well played with the Hippie Headband with a twang of the feather detail.

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