Well the Holi-day is for sure a holiday in India!

Well, for most people who have been to India, or who are already in India, the Word “Holi” (With an “I” not the “Y”) , means a day of celebration, colour and of course Bhang (For all those who don’t know what Bhang is, I think you should use Mr. Google for this).

It is a day of not remembering what colour clothes you wore in the morning, since you will be covered with a myriad of colours all over!

I remember always wearing a nail varnish and oiling my hair and body so that it was easier for me to remove the colour! Well since I am not in India, I have taken the liberty of using this Corbis image to show the colours used.

Image courtesy: Corbis

Well keeping in mind it is Holi today, on the 2oth March, I thought of using these 2 images sent by my friend and I am sure a regular contributor to londelhifashion, Simran Jagdev.

Dual Coloured Silk Thread covering Bangles
I love the Marl Effect in the Purple Bangles




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