Sole Sisters

This is for my Crazy friend, whom I spent very little time with but absolutely loved it.

We interned together, and would sit down and talk in length of fashion over our “Dunking the cookie in the Tea for the exact 3 seconds before it becomes too soggy and falls in the mug”, Shivani Gakhar you know I adore you!

Well she is quite a blogger herself,Check out her blog

She introduced me to this another blog and I actually clicked this picture to be sent to

I will take the liberty of putting it on mine as well, just so that you guys can switch between hers, Mine and The Sole sisters.



These shoes are what I tried at a shoe museum in London,I wished I could tell you where I got them from, but there was this little sticker which said “WALK”, which I know is a store at Oxford Street, so if I find it there, I should definitely update you guys on it.


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