My Londelhi Bridge is not falling down!

So in my imaginary world, I have this Facade..this Bridge, a walkway of Images going right from Delhi connecting it till London.

These Images are from people’s camera phones, their vanity moments, their feel good “flatter yourself with the new shoes” shopping spree, or “I want those shoes, but can’t afford” pictures!

It’s from the moment they loved this new girl with the funky laces in her shoe, to the colleague holding the wine glass and you can’t stop staring at her ring, whilst wanting it so bad, and smiling at whatever she is saying just to keep staring at it longer.

The pictures of the quirky bag you have, but you know you really have to think of your outfit before taking the bag with you..or otherway round!The eyeliner of your best friend,the socks of your neighbor, the glasses of this guy sitting next to you at the cafe ( you know you find him cute..), the vintage pocket watch of your Dad.

In short the idiosyncrasies of you and everyone around you.

These images are of vintage “Nanna items” in your wardrobe which your mom loves seeing you in! Of the amazing mirror( or not) which you admire yourself for at least 20 minutes(if not more) a day! Could be an antique flea market mirror, or a mirror with rows of pictures around them!

Anything to do with Vanity.

It is this bridge which I am creating from London, and I want you all to contribute to it!

So mail anything you would like to share on, and just a few notes of where you bought it from, or who passed it down to you, just to get the hearts mealting(or even burn may be…Ouch!!)

So go Trigger Happy:)


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