Haute Market:)

Well it is a Saturday, It is sunny, and I am going to the Market,so it is obvious that I dress pretty much in my loafers, My Breton stripe tee, with my dark rinse weekend jeans, (could be slightly ripped) and those dark Sunny’s since I am not wearing any eye make-up; but Thank God for people who do think of dressing up for a trip to the market, than silly me  who decides to dress down!

This explains,why I am behind the camera most of the times! Sometimes, I have chased people in my worn down jeans, to say, “Hi I am a fashion blogger, don’t judge me from what I wear today, but Can I click a picture of you??”, and I get comments like..”Are you sure you clicking me, because you like what I am wearing, and not that the title of your next blog would be “Fashion Faux Pas”, featuring me???”

Well, I have to assure them by giving them my blog address, only to say, “If I had to do that, why would I give you the address!!??”. Smoooth!

Well, someone who was very smooth, was this fine woman, wearing her Faux(I hope) Fur jacket, which blended perfectly with her Sun Blonde Hair, and wore the Equestrian trousers bloody well, if I may say so myself! All in all, a perfect look, for hmmm…a front row runway show, but who cares, it will turn heads in the market too! Just need to watch those heels Missy!


Love those Shoes!!




It is rarely you meet people on the street with a unique profession these days!

It is funny, but I haven’t met a person who has those odd jobs, which we know exist out there, but just don’t believe because we don’t meet them everyday!

Gone are the days, where people would be sitting on the bar stool at the local pub, and say…”Howdy! I’, Tim, a horseshoe maker/Farrier, and I have a whale of a time putting those shoes on that little new colt”, or “Yup, I am the guy who basically counts all the new stars coming up in the middle of the night while you guys are tucked in bed!”

There was that mystique existing in those yester-years, and the best was, you know the Farrier would wear the hat, with those chaps, and the overalls, but now everyone dresses the same!

Well someone unique caught my little eye the other day, while walking in the Portobello Market in London, she was dressed in a navy cabled casual maxi with an oversize floral front button down top and wore her long straight hair down with a simple smile.After a little tete-a-tete, I discovered my camera had just slicked a Magician, Katherine!

Well,Katherine, I can assure you, that despite you looking to dress yourself in a new style, this style of yours goes down in my blog as a definite “Thumbs Up!”.

Hope to see you soon Katherine, so that you can teach me a few tricks, namely how to quickly fold all my clothes and put them back in the cupboard, NEATLY! 😛

Yohji Yamamoto and his friends!

“Like attracts Like”, well that was certainly the case at the  Victoria & Albert Museum, London which exhibited the Yohji Yamamoto Solo Show.

Well it was a brilliant day, the water fountain had people sitting around getting some sun in, and the best of all the exhibition centre was full of diverse people, who had one thing in common, the Love for Mr. Yamamoto.

I would always want to believe that, Yohji Yamamoto is the 8th member of the Antwerp Six, defying the laws of proportion and the law of experience, with the draped scarf integrated in the tartan shirt, and the deconstruction of the granddad jacket into a beautiful women’s shift dress.

The usage of simple basic fabric into something so unconventional makes him as most people call him, “The Poet”, and you surely can see this poetry, in all his garments. It makes you smile when you see the “Tiger Crawl” Print on the lining of the jacket(of course meant to be worn inside out), on the other side, takes you down the rabbit hole with the drapes in the black braided Silk dress, only to hold on to it and climb up again.

This poetry has been genetically passed on to his heir Limi Feu,who gives it a modern twist to the classical Haiku.

I could not click pictures inside, but what I did manage to do was give homage to his fantastic work by clicking these lovely creative architects in their moments of pride, who I must add, were as enthusiastic as me, about both the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition and my blog. Aww Bless!

So when I say “Like attracts like”, I meant the following Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan dressed damsels.

The metallic Gusset in the Sleeves is a perfect Texture Contrast to the Loopback knit.
Alexander McQueen Multi-layered jacket.

Jacket and Trousers both from Alexander McQueen. The draped trousers ,with little pleats a the back was a close cousin of the Indian Salwar.
Hussein Chalayan Dress.

Vanity moments in the Porcelain Buildings.

It is so satisfying when you come across something new and exciting and you know you can share it with the world( well a part of the world) by going home and writing on your blog.

I remember, before my “Blog-Era”, I would come across things and would be like, Oh I wish my friends from my fashion school were here, they would love it, or at least they would understand my excitement when I see something new!

So well, here is my outlet, I came across this, literally a corner store in Shorts Garden, London, called “Do”. It is this quirky bright little design store which keeps modern and intelligent looking things, but still very functional.

It would have a triangle-shaped aero dynamic Umbrella, and on the other side, it would these 8 wired hangers welded together to provide a storage solution for your jackets. Things, people like me would like to have at home, to make it home.

I set my eyes on this porcelain Palace by this brand called Seletti, which I was told by the very friendly owners,who collect these items personally, (Good taste these fellows have) that the Palace is actually a set of their Table collection, which gets detached into individual layers used as plates, but also women have bought it to use it as their vanity case, to keep their jewellery etc.

So here I am share my find of the day, the shop and the company’s website is a must visit, and if you in London, you know where to go next 😉


Palace Vanity Case
Palace Layered Plates/Vanity Case
Do, The Bright Little Corner Store. Must visit.

As new as Vintage! Oxymoron?

I know, I know, My English teacher from High School, Mrs. Vij would have told me never to write a blog if I wrote this as an article title, but as much as it is an Oxymoron, it is true!

Vintage could be 1980’s Grunge Vintage, or a 1920’s Bias Dress, or a 1950’s Jacket, Vintage is Vintage, and believe it or not soon there will be 2000’s vintage collection!

Well, one woman who is an epitome of pure retro beauty is no one else, than the new-age Pin Up girl, Dita Von Teese.I must admit , her choice of names for her Pseudonym, is as much of a teaser as she herself is.This woman oozes out sensuality and elegance,both at the same time, and there are only few women out there who can do that! The lingerie, makeup and accessories, just completes her look.

What I love about writing a Fashion Blog is, That it just exposes one to so many friendly people out there, (well sometimes I do get walked over too, such is life!!).So I met this great Norwegian girl today at Neal’s yard, in Covent Garden (quirky little area, tucked in between high streets), who was genuinely interested in the blog, and was just so warm and excited, it gave me immense joy and kept me smiling for a long while after that! A traveller herself, she has been places from New York to Switzerland and now here.

Here she is carrying her retro look perfectly.(I sure hope your evening was as great as both of us hoped it to be ;))

So I know, you said you would check the blog, if you do read this, I would love to hear from you again!

The vibrance of scarf being held by the little Scarf pin, and the excellent choice in the shape of the glasses!Bravo!


Skater Boy with and Skater Girl Skating on the Street…

You know what I love about Sunny days in London, I love it when the breeze is cold enough, to make you still need those scarves and gloves, and the jackets, and the usual cuppa, or a pint, whatever floats your boat:)

But what I love most of sunny days is the way Londoners just come outta their burrows( also known as PUBS) like little Meerkats and just go crazy with all the warmth radiating by the Stranger, we call “the Sun”, here in this part of the world.

The Music plays on the streets, the cycle stands are packed, the patios have enough wine buckets, people grabbing the sandwiches and plopping themselves on the little sunny patch on that one part of the garden, and if not they just sit wherever they get the Sun.

On the other side you have this crowd cheering, for these extreme sport enthusiasts who are defying gravity on their wheels, be it a bicycle or on the skateboard. You have this Grungy little den with graffiti being worked upon 24/7, these artists are little elves creating a fantasy land with spray colour in the middle of the nights.

And on the other end you have this girl skating by with a little blue bag dangling by her side, which I bet must contain her shoes, in case she decides to go and get a drink somewhere.

It is this blend, which makes a sunny day more beautiful.

So today’s VM is about the contrast of the 2 wheels, 2 worlds, and the beauty lying in those 2 wheel worlds.



Skater Girl

Sound Check..Tick, Trend Check..Double Tick!!

I come from a small little town tucked right at the bottom of the hills in the North of India.It is like Pleasant ville, A lake with Swans, the Sun rising from behind the hills, Sunny Winter Days, Friendly neighbors, sometimes Over friendly:), Well that is how I remember it to be.

I left that town good 7 years ago, but still have loads of friends and family there, and I hear the sounds and the raves for these VERY talented kids on the block, Hari-Sukhmani, known for their seamless blend of Folk and Electronic music, where Sukhmani’s very sensual voice compliments and blends in Hari’s excellent music taste!

Have a feel of their music on their website : http://www.harisukhmani.com/

Well, you must wonder why I write of Music, as that has nothing to do with VM( Vanity Moments), but Hold behold… as this Duo comes with a lot of Oomph, and all those who have been lucky listeners to their Gigs both in India and Australia, will definitely agree with these Talented Musicians having a distinct style signature!( Don’t we love that combination??!!)

I will definitely be the one posting about their Visit to Lovely London ( Hint Hint ;)).

So let me raise the curtains to these fellows out here, without further delay.

Hari & Sukhmani at one of their many gigs.

Special attention to the Ring, people!

Image credits to my Stringer: Simran, again 🙂